Seven Eating Habits of Half Month to Thinner for Women 0

Recently, experts from there came a good news, it cannot say one month, you will be able to minimize the rice down, and there will be no feeling of hunger, inadvertently become slender figure in pleasant. The following are eating them with skills.

  1. Eat less in more meals

Loss of appetite control is the key to eating regularly and on time, Meidun to fit full day. Experts in the promotion of three meals per day basis, plus a snack bar twice, both middle-appropriate food. Clemens Dr. Guan further pointed out that: drink a cup of tea between the two meals, low-calorie fruit juices or other drinks, snacks, it will be an excellent choice.

  1. Self-restraint

Meal, when the food into the mouth, they lay down their chopsticks in order to allow sufficient time for the stomach to confirm whether or not already full. Once finished the remainder of the meal should be immediately removed from the front.

In some special occasions, there may be your favorite food, and not to have controlled access to food is not totally avoided. Slowly to taste a few, and devoured a suck up, will be the same meet. However, fasting is taking the low-calorie food, suppression of appetite would be useful. In addition, if not stand up to the temptation of dessert, to share with you a little there is.

Woman Health Habits

Woman Health Habits

  1. Fruits and vegetables should be the most

Fiber-rich foods easy to create a sense of satiety. Fasting as a side dish to a salad or vegetable soup the most appropriate; at the end of the meal to eat a piece of fruit would be more appropriate. However, this kind of dietary calories should be less than 200 kilocalories.

  1. Good at drinking water

On a diet of water is also very useful. At least drink a glass of water before eating, meal in a cup again, the suppression of appetite is very effective.

  1. Transform eat

Getting used to using healthy alternative to high-fat food and more sugar diet, in order to weaken the appetite. In the first 1-2 weeks, may be due to changes in diet and more embarrassment, but as time goes by, this feeling will eventually disappear.

  1. Exterior and interior adjustments

To firmly believe that eating habits change; own body will become increasingly slim. Implying that he should from time to time: If the figure standing straight, will immediately reduce the weight 2 kg. Waku even put on a waist, not only looks more slender slim, and tight clothing would also help prevent overeating.

  1.  Less supper

Energy consumption in the major activities during the day, and sleep when the heat would be converted into stored fat. As a result, dinner or deprivation better.


Cold Water to Allow Women to Stay Away from Health 0

In general, women are three ways to contact the outside world through the water. One is to go on water, and the second is to clean the water in his face, third, which is the most common way that the body submerged in water, such as bathing, swimming, hot springs, and as washing dishes, vegetables , Laundry, and other household needs the water.

However, in 2004, according to the “water of female health survey” shows that China has 92% of households use health problems, couples over the age of 40-year-old domestic water is even more serious health condition, more than 98%.

In our country, the vast number of women are frugal with the traditional virtues. However, this also make it possible for women through thrift and hard work have paid the price, 86% of China’s housewife suffering from varying degrees of joint disease or gynecological disease, and disease of the “culprit” It was cold, with women and want to save money There are great with hot water.

Female health experts pointed out: strong irritant cold water, high bacteria, can result in frequent contact with arthritis, the Weihan, women’s diseases such as the occurrence of disease, the health of women is invisible killer, cold water used Xishuan of women in the family, and the more easily lead to health problems.

Women Health

Women Health

Cold water: make it possible for women to stay away from health

Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Institute of Physical Professor Wang Dongpo of the view that human cold, because “human micro-yang funeral, the blood shortage, Yang Wei is not solid, not warm Hanxie muscle to resist foreign invasion.” The cold women, more and more women are due to physical Yang, the cold tolerance of bad things. Scientific research also found that women’s skin “sensor” unusually sensitive, as long as the brain receive “cold”, the blood circulation system will naturally retreated to the second line of defense, the moment felt cold.

The water in the system, many of our northern cities use groundwater, even in the summer, the water temperature is unusually cold, far below the required Xishuan comfortable temperature, the body once inhaled cold, cold hands and feet on the vulnerable, a time Long, women on the most vulnerable to joint pain, malaise, and other symptoms.

According to the “water of female health survey,” said the organizing committee, a real-life examples of very great importance: a woman in Hebei because of the winter quarters for a large number of washing clothes, soaking in the biting cold water, lead to distortions in the right arm joints, hands and fingers cannot Straight, and serious rheumatoid arthritis.

On the other hand, women-specific physiological cycle of resistance and the existence of poor, but also determines the frequency of day-to-day contact with cold water to stimulate, easy invasive bacteria in the body, which led to the flu and other diseases.

At the same time, there are some women there is a misunderstanding that Xilengshuizao healthy and continue to uphold throughout the year. It does not know that women, Xilengshuizao the opportunity to make a number of gynecological diseases, “James” upper body. According to medical experts, Xilengshuizao because the water temperature is too low, the body will feel cold, resulting in a series of stress, such as rapid heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle contraction and nervousness, and so on, especially during menstruation, breast-feeding, pregnant View of women, to stimulate the cold water will cause a variety of gynecological diseases, serious women after pregnancy, there are certain physical health.

Cold water, so far from healthy women. Prevention of the Chinese Medical Association, women’s health branch of the director of the calls for the prevention of arthritis and gynecological generation, women should be effective in containing the virus and enhance human immunity to consider the perspective of many in family life appropriate to the water. easy Hair Removal



Hot water: 5 times in the health of cold water

Statistics show that hot water and cold water Xijie bactericidal effect of the 5-fold, not only comfort but also to ensure the healthy. In the survey, we found that 90.8 percent of families living in the need to add hot water, 84.2 percent of the families of hot water 5 times in cold water on the agreed health, 60 percent of consumers believe that hot water should be extended to wash Cooking and household chores, such as clothing.

Looking at the present-day Europe and the United States, the problem is a widespread use of hot water, hot water and cold water use ratio has reached 9:1, Europe and the United States and the bath water in China is about 4 times, is about 150 liters / person.

In contrast, China’s water usage on the existence of a huge gap. While in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other large and medium-sized cities have been chosen family bath, surf equipment, steam bath or massage room alone, but in their daily lives on a wide range of water use is not enough awareness. It seems the family in China, only high-level hotel is a 24-hour hot water, and that it is much more extravagant.

It is understood that the hot water system in Europe and the United States in terms of investment far beyond its color TV, refrigerators, washing machines, the sum of consumption, China is about 5 times. In use, Europe and the United States has been extended to the entire domestic water system, only cold water for drinking and flushing. And at home, just so hot water used for drinking and bathing;

In fact, the cause of China’s limited water use, there is a deeper reason, it is our country’s growing energy shortages, growing up in energy prices. However, the high cost of energy, China is doomed to the hot water in the traditional civilization against the backdrop of energy could not be realized, destined to the promotion of China’s 20 years of electricity, gas water heaters cannot play and complete the task of the revolution in hot water.

Female Health 0

Ever worry about those nagging aches and pains that you feel? Or do you ever wonder if your body is trying to tell you something? Reliable women’s health care information can be difficult to find.

Don’t Let Your Health Questions Go Unanswered!
A woman’s body and physiology is unique. Certain ailments, such as iron deficiency, chronic yeast infections or incontinence, can be caused by different triggers in each woman. Since the causes of health issues are so varied, the right course of treatment is likewise as individual as the woman herself.

Female Health

Female Health

Many women do not readily have the right medical avenues from which they can obtain solid women’s health answers. Nor do they often have the luxury to sample different medical treatments in order to find the perfect match for them. But there is no need for despair. Recent years have seen advances in medicine and medical research to empower women in understanding and improving their health through laser hair removal

Universal ailments, like osteoporosis, adult acne, chronic yeast infections and urinary incontinence can be found in women of all ages and backgrounds. The medical community has come to recognize the need for safe and effective treatment of various women’s health conditions. Great strides are being made in the formulation of medication and homeopathic remedies.

Educate Yourself to Stay Healthy
You may think that since you show no signs of a medical condition that you don’t need to stay abreast of women’s health issues. But, especially for women, the key to living a wellness lifestyle is in preventive measures. A healthy diet and aerobic exercise are fundamental in living disease free. Read this post


It is a good time to be a woman! So many companies are producing dietary and health supplements to keep you strong. Coupled with diet and exercise, you can gain significant peace of mind about your biological wellbeing. Take advantage of all that science can offer to preserve your health and happiness.

Just as you might indulge in a new dress or a relaxing bubble bath, pamper yourself with top quality health aids. Something as simple as a liquid iron supplement can keep you running at peak condition by staving off iron anemia. Discovering the right medications for you is as simple as turning to the internet. While not a substitute for a visit to the doctor, you can definitely learn enough to arm you with the important facts for longevity.
If you have a health question or concern, there are many resources available. Your doctor, books, and the internet are prime sources to look into. You may be surprised to find that what you might think is an unusual or embarrassing problem is a common issue for women in general. Don’t be intimidated by your lack of understanding of health issues, research is the first step towards securing safe and effective treatment.